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The key to a happy marriage is to treat each other like best friends during the easy and hard times.

Naielah Ackbarali

Salam, we're Naielah & Anas.

We are passionate about helping you create a happy lifelong marriage inshaAllah!

AlhamduliLlah we have been married for over 16 years. We met while studying in the Middle East. We recently relocated to the UK. We are complete opposites of each other, but we’ve learned how to make our marriage a place of comfort and love. Through a combination of our personal and professional experience, our clients are inspired to create peace and tenderness in their own marriages.

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Secrets revealed of how happy Muslim couples maintain a successful marriage.

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“I had just accepted that my marriage was the way it was, and there was nothing I could do about it, so I forced myself to be happy and live with it. Now I know there are a list of things I can improve on to get a better marriage! And I feel like I have hope now, alhamdulillah.”
“I love the fact that the advice here comes from the perspective of religion, from a desire to please Allah subhana tala in marriage, and at the same time takes into account and directly addresses the challenges we face in our times.”
~United Kingdom
"I can confidently say this was one of my best coaching experiences I've had. I felt like this session came with a tailor-fit, guided action plan for us. This made the session feel a lot more personal to our circumstances and it didn't feel like we got generic advice that would apply to all couples."
~United States

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