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About us

I am an Islamic studies teacher, a marriage coach, an author, and a CEO.

I've traveled the highs and lows of marriage.

I got married when I was in my early 20s. I never thought that I would get married, and I was actually quite scared to do it. I heard lots of horror stories and thought marriage just wasn’t for me.

That all changed after I met my husband. We were both studying in the Middle East and some people in our community thought we would make a good match. 

I married my husband after talking to him for 2 days. We met on a Wednesday and did the nikah on a Friday! AlhamduliLlah it’s been 16 years since that day. 

I’ve traveled the highs and lows of marriage. It inspired me to become a marriage coach and help other spouses who want to work towards creating a better relationship with their spouse. 

I am an Islamic studies teacher, as well as a strategic relationship coachlife coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and best-selling author. I have been coaching marriages for over TEN years. It’s my lifelong mission and where I feel the happiest alhamduliLlah. I pray Allah Most High accepts it.

I am available for

I am passionate about helping you create a happy lifelong marriage for the sake of Allah Most High.

I am a convert, an Islamic studies teacher, a life coach, and a CEO.

I've learnt about marriage the hard way.

As an English convert to Islam, coming from a broken family where my parents were divorced whilst I was only 7 years old, I grew up without a healthy understanding of what a happy marriage looked like. 

After converting to Islam I married a few years later, but faced a very challenging set of circumstances, and that marriage ended after 7 years. 

But I’ve always had an optimistic view of life and God, and my second marriage has been a wonderful journey, as my wife and I have learnt and grown together.

I’ve been blessed to combine a lot of experiences in my life: as a Muslim after an upbringing outside of Islam; as an Islamic studies teacher; as the founder of SHUKR Islamic Clothing; as a well-travelled global citizen who has lived in a number of countries; and as a divorcee who has now been happily remarried for over 16 years.

I am also a trained leader by the Gottman Institute for The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.” 

It can be tough to live up to the challenges and responsibilities of a Muslim man in today’s confusing times. I’m passionate about helping men gain the tools needed to successfully navigate their unique journey.

I am available for

I am passionate about helping you create a happy lifelong marriage for the sake of Allah Most High.

Who We Cannot Help

As much as we have the intention to help as many Muslims as possible, the reality is that some life problems involve things that coaching cannot resolve. We pray that Allah Most High makes things easy for everyone and protects the ummah and the believers from this worldly life.

We cannot help people in the following situations:

  • the client or spouse is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal substance
  • the client or spouse is physically or emotionally abusive
  • the client or spouse is not faithful to the relationship (exceptions may apply)
  • the client or spouse has a medically diagnosed mental / psychological disorder or personality disorder
  • the client or spouse has a history of unresolved trauma or currently undergoing therapy for trauma
  • the client or spouse is suicidal
  • the client or spouse is not Muslim

We encourage individuals in any of these situations to seek immediate help from their local authorities, families, and communities. Our prayers are with you.

Disclaimer: Muslim Marriage Coach is a coaching service that is centered around professional coaching tactics and religious guidance. It is not a replacement for professional psychotherapy, medical treatment, legal mediation, or fatwa from a mufti.

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