Five Things To Stop Doing In Your Marriage

If you want a happy marriage, this stuff has to stop!

1. The Silent Treatment

Used as a form of ‘punishment’ when you are upset or don’t get your way.

TRY THIS: Learn how to process your anger and express it constructively.

2. Mind Reading

Used as a way to deflect talking about issues or expressing your needs and wants openly.

TRY THIS: Speak up and stop assuming you know how your spouse feels.

3. Cursing & Tantrums

Used as a method to convey frustration and demand ultimatums. Could be abusive too.

TRY THIS: Learn to self-soothe and get self-care. Heal any past trauma or childhood issues too.

4. The Blame Game

Used to avoid taking personal responsibility for one’s own faults or shortcomings.

TRY THIS: Admit that you made a mistake and seek to understand how it hurt your spouse.

5. Zoning Out

Used as a way to ignore hearing your spouse’s complaints and feeling bad about yourself.

TRY THIS: Show you care. Actively listen to your spouse and respect their unmet needs.

Want to learn how to rid these habits from your marriage? Sign up for our coaching!

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